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  • Dr.
    Darrell Johnson

    Dr. Darrell Johnson, D.C., is a chiropractor physician who serves Maynardville and the surrounding communities in East Tennessee. Originally from Ontario, Canada, he has lived in Corryton, and practiced in Maynardville since 2002. A 1998 graduate of New York Chiropractic College, he has made a strong commitment to the health of rural East Tennessee, and established himself as “Union County’s Chiropractor”. He is a member of the East Tennessee Chiropractic Association, and is currently serving his first term as a board member for the Tennessee Chiropractic Association. He has an interest in family chiropractic care and providing thorough, ethical healthcare to the community as a mechanic for the greatest machine ever made—the human body.

    Darrell Johnson uses chiropractic care to improve the health and wellness in all areas of patient's lives, whether they are having problems with back pain or neck pain, or just want to start feeling better when they wake up in the morning. Dr. Johnson takes a 'whole person' approach in chiropractic care, which means looking for the underlying causes of disease, discomfort, and pain, as opposed to just treating the symptoms. Many seemingly unrelated symptoms often arise from imbalances in the spinal column, and Dr. Johnson will be able to determine the root of the pain and create a personalized chiropractic and wellness plan to suit each patient's individual needs.

    If you have any questions about Dr. Johnson, or would like to learn more about chiropractic care at Union County Chiropractic Clinic, please call us at 865-992-7000 today!

  • Ron Cowan

    Ron Cowan, licensed massage therapist, joined our clinic at the end of 2016, but has worked as a massage therapist for the past three years in the Knoxville area. Originally from California, Ron is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, and then pursued a successful career as a union carpenter for 30 years, retiring in 2004, and moving here to Tennessee with his wife, Catherine. Ron decided to become a licensed massage therapist after retiring from the carpenters’ union, because he had worked with his hands his entire life, and enjoyed helping people. He specializes in deep tissue massage and pain management for neck, back, TMJ, shoulder and hip pain, but also is an expert in relaxation massage, addressing the stresses of everyday life that build up from the postures of work, sleep and activity. He enjoys singing barber shop quartet music, and is a member of a local group that has performed regionally, delighting audiences young and old.