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Upper Back Pain

Why do I have Upper Back Pain?

Upper back pain--Pain in the upper back can come from almost any daily activity or static posture, and chiropractic care is the preferred first treatment for back pain.  We spend our lives sitting in chairs, hunched over steering wheels, and looking down at our phones, not to mention carrying heavy bags, purses and backpacks with us every where we go.  It's no wonder that upper back pain, along with neck pain, is the number one musculoskeletal complaint of the new millenium.  At Union County Chiropractic, located in Maynardville, we are experts in treating back pain of all types, and have developed a reputation of thorough, compassionate health care with a successful track record to back it up.  A big part of the formula for addressing chronic neck, upper back and shoulder pain is therapeutic exercise to strengthen and stretch the soft tissues that attach to the spine.  Dr. Johnson is an expert is designing home rehabilitative exercise programs to keep recurrent problems at bay, and is located conveniently in Maynardville, to serve all of Union County.

Union County Chiropractic Treatments for Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain, or thoracic pain, can come from the spinal joints where the bones come together, the discs that form the cushioning between the vertebrae, the muscles and ligaments that attach to the spine and cause movement, or simply due to improper posture and the fact that we sit so much more than any generation has previously.  At Union County Chiropractic, Dr. Johnson will perform a thorough consultation including history, examination, and X-rays (if needed) of your thoracic spine to determine the cause of your back pain, and then design a custom treatment plan to manage your symptoms.  Often electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound, deep tissue massage and stretching are incorporated into your treatment to help deal with pain quickly, as you go through a treatment trial, typically consisting of 4-8 visits to determine your response to chiropractic care.

Back Pain is Different, Body to Body

Because each body is different, and the causes of pain are so numerous, it is essentially important to understand the root cause of the pain before undergoing treatment,  Sometimes MRI study is warranted to determine the extent of damage or pathology in the lumbar spine, but rest assured that no treatment plan is undertaken without clear and careful analysis of your problem, and a clear, goal-oriented plan outlined for your case to truly understand the root of your upper back pain.  If referral to another health care provider is warranted, Dr. Johnson works closely with specialists in the greater Knoxville area to make sure that you get the help you need, even if it isn't necessarily conservative chiropractic care.

You don't have to live with neck pain as a life sentence.  Call our Union County office, located in Maynardville, to find out what can be done to rid of your pain today!

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